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T h e a t r e  &  D a n c e  S c o r e s
Aftermaths 09 (director Julia Bardsley) SPILL festival of performance
Infinite Pleasures of the Great Beyond 08 (Simon Vincenzi) Halle Festival
Almost the Same 07 (director Julia Bardsley) SACRED Chelsea Theatre
Trans-Acts 04 (director Julia Bardsley) NRLA Glasgow
Burning Bright 01 (director Alison Peables) V.amp/Tramway Glasgow
Construction 94 (choreographer Lynda Gaudreau) De Brune Company/Klapstuk
Family Reunion 93 (director Julia Bardsley) Leicester Haymarket Theatre
Coriolanus 93 (director Tim Supple) Renaissance/Chichester Festival Theatre
Macbeth 92 (director Julia Bardsley) Leicester Haymarket Theatre
Therese Requin 92 (director Julia Bardsley) Leicester Haymarket Theatre
Drawn Breath 89 (choreographer Siobhan Davies)  Riverside  Studios
One Sided Wall 86 (director Nicky Johnson) Axis Mundi Prods/The Bush Theatre
The Price of Meat 85 Impact Theatre /Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff
Midday Sun 84 (director Pete Brookes/John Ashford) ICA/Mikery  Amsterdam
The Dead Moon 84 (choreographer Sally Owen) Netherlands Dans Theatre, 
On the Beaches 83 (choreographer Sally Owen) Northern Dance Theatre
Secret Gardens 82 (directors Tim Albery & Gerry Pilgrim choreographer Ian Spink)  ICA/  Mikery Theatre Amsterdam

See  also BARDSLEY_POPPY collaborative projects

Additional choreographed works

Poems and Toccatas 	choreographer Heidi Latsy 01 St Marks Places New York
Cadenza		choreographer Heidi Latsy 99 Joyce Theatre New  York. 
Last Light		choreographer Heidi Latsy 00 New York
The Object is a Hungry Wolf	choreographer David Massingham 95 The Place/UK 
Listening In		choreographer David Massingham 90 UK Tour
32 Frames for Orchestra	choreographer Michael Popper 88 Place Theatre London
Forth Fiesta title music	choreographer Michael Clark BBC Scotland 89
Cadenza			choreographer Gaby Agis 87 Oxford Gallery

M u s i c   f o r  F i l m 

Uma Rapariga no Verão (A Girl in Summer) ('86) 
(director: Vitor Gonçalves)
Tropico Films, Portugal 
Official selection Rotterdam Film 1987

Mid-Night ('88) 
(director: Vitor Gonçalves)
Tropico Films, Portugal 
PRT TV 1988

Nuvem (Cloud) ('90) 
(director: Anna Luisa Guimaraes)
Tropico Films, Portugal 
In competition Venice Film Festival 1991 
European general release Jan '92

Snow ('98) 
(director: Julia Bardsley)
Individual Artists, UK
Edinbrugh Internation Film Festival
and others

12/Stages 2: [a forensic mnemonic] ('01) 

(Julia Bardsley & Aldona Cunningham)
Cunningley Productions, UK
selected for World Wide Video Festival 2001, Amsterdam NL
in competion Biennale de l'Image en Mouvement 2001, Geneva CH

Una Giornata lunga Senzo Io 2004 (director Jacopo Benci) BSR Italy
(see also video archive at VIMEO)

Betacam SP (super8), PAL, colour, sound, 10'00". Music: Andrew Poppy (Attempt at an ecstatic moment)

Screenings: 2004, IX Roma Film Festival, Cinema Nuovo Olimpia, Rome; 2006, ‘Itinerari senza io’. Recent video/film works by Jacopo Benci, Film Studies Research Seminars, University College (UCL), London; Metamorphoz’ igr’ – Metamorphosis of play, Central Exhibition Hall Manège, Saint Petersburg; ‘Itinerari senza io’. Video and film works by Jacopo Benci, Cornell University, Rome; 2007, Itinerari senza io, TraLeVolte, Roma; La memoria del futuro, Calabria Film Festival, Potenza; Expotrastiendas 2007, Centro de Exposiciones de la Ciudad, Buenos Aires; 2008, Spazi Aperti 6, The Romanian Academy, Rome; 2010, Immagini con voce: Jacopo Benci, Empirìa, Rome; Jacopo Benci: Invisible paths / Sentieri invisibili, School of Modern Languages, University of Leicester; Jacopo Benci: Sentieri invisibili. Pratica artistica come forma di resistenza critica, MLAC Museo Laboratorio d'Arte Contemporanea, 'La Sapienza' University, Rome; 2011, Jacopo Benci. Un itinerario possibile / A possible itinerary 1981-2011, MLAC Museo Laboratorio d'Arte Contemporanea, 'La Sapienza' University, Rome; 2013, From 'Dust and Shadow' to 'The Laws of Evanescence'. the work of Jacopo Benci, 1993-2013, De Montfort University, Leicester; 2014, Jacopo Benci. Due film in super8, Cineclub Detour, Rome.

                    Passaggi – Durchgänge 2011
Digital Betacam SP (Mini DV HD), PAL, colour, sound, 4'49". Music: Andrew Poppy (Last light)

Screenings: 2011, Itinerari in video, Ex-Church of Santa Rita, Rome; Jacopo Benci. Un itinerario possibile / A possible itinerary 1981-2011, MLAC Museo Laboratorio d'Arte Contemporanea, 'La Sapienza' University, Rome; 2012, Rome's Modernity: Trauma, Fracture, Narration (international conference), The British School at Rome; 2013,, Cineclub Detour, Rome; 2014, Passaggi nella città prigioniera, Ex-Church of Santa Rita, Rome; A propos de ‘Passaggi – Durchgänge‘, un travail vidéo sur la prison de Via Tasso à Rome, Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne (INHA), Galerie Colbert, Salle Jullian, Paris, as part of the conference “Le fascisme vu par les artistes, du Ventennio à la Seconde République”, organized by Emilia Héry and Maddalena Tibertelli de Pisis; Passaggi nella città prigioniera, Teatro Tor Bella Monaca and Museo Storico della Liberazione, Rome; 2015, Jacopo Benci: ‘Passaggi – Durchgänge’, Museo Storico della Liberazione, Rome.

T h e m e s  f o r  T e l e v i s i o n 
The Tube                Tyne Tees TV/Channel 4
Forth Fiesta                BBC Scotland
A Wake for Sam            BBC 2
A Week of British Art            BBC 2
Directors Place            BBC Scotland
Past Exposure            BBC 2
Edinburgh Nights        BBC Scotland
Relative Values            BBC 2
9-2-5            Diverse / Channel 4
Scottish Writer of the Year        BBC Scotland
Atlas            Arsenal Productions / TV 3 Barcelona
The Mystery of the Pescardo?            Windfall / Channel 4
The Snow Show            Gallus Besom / BBC Scotland
Tapping the Energy            Inca / Channel 4

Arranger/Conductor for Studio Recordings by Other Artists 
If I Could 
My Heart so Blue 
Mute Records 

More Than the Sun
CBS Records

The The 
Twilight of a Champion 
August and September 
Lung Shadows
CBS Records
Red Box 
Leaders in 7th Heaven
WEA Records

Simon F 
Perfect World
Chrysalis Records

The House of Love 
The Beatles and the Stones
Sire Records

Nitzer Ebb 
I Will Give to You
Mute Records

Strawberry Switchblade 
10 James Orr Street
WEA Records

Psychic TV 
Just Drifting 
Message from the Temple

(composer/arranger for the following) 
Iron Glove 
Eden 2 
Clouds without Water 
The Orchid 

Some Bizarre

P u b l i c a t i o n s

Introducing a Glass of Water to the Sea: Placing the Work of Glyn Perrin
(National Review of Live Art Catalogue 01)

6 Happy Ideas or Killing the Vision Kid
Coil - Journal of the Moving Image. Ed. Giles Lane (Proboscis, 1998)

A Zeitgeist Thing: The Music Supervisor and Modern Soundtracks
Variety: International Film Guide 98. Ed. Peter Cowie (Andre Deutsch 1998)

C o n f e r e n c e   P r e s e n t a t i o n s

HARMOLODICS: thoughts this way and that Introduction to the School of Harmolodics. Part of Ornette Coleman’s Meltdown, South Bank Centre London 14-20 June 2009

The Presence of Performance in the Age of Electronic Transmission 20/4/97
Cosmopolis. A symposium exploring the cultural and social transition from post industrial to digital city. Part of Video Positive’s Escaping Gravity programmed by Manchester Telematics and Telework Partnership in association with the Foundation for Arts and Creative Technology.

Selected Commentary
see also Press

Ian Peel :Screenplay to Accompany the Music of Andrew Poppy ( ZTT  04)
Giovanni Antognozzi & Paolo Coteni La Musica Minimalista: Storie e Altre Storie (Textus, 00) Lawrence Crane Counterpoints (BMIC, 1999)
Bruno Letort Musiques Plurielles (Editions Balland, 1998)
Brian Morton Contemporary Composers (St James, 1990)
Marc Issue Poppy Art (Blitz December 1986)