composer/musician/ZTT artist

N  D  R  E  W    P  O  P  P  Y

S H I N Y   F L O O R   S H I N Y  C E I L I N G

9 songs in search of a territory 7 voices in search of a song

U n c o n f i r m e d  G h o s t s  &  P e s s o a s

Andrew Poppy as The Wave

Claudia Brucken as The Angel of Only

James Gilchrist as The Man of Red Dust

Margaret Cameron as Persephone: Myth and Marionette

Guillermo Rozenthuler as Stepanov The Notator of Dances

Lula Pena as The Seamstress of The Corridor

Simon Vincenzi as The Ghost of Rilke: Man on a Mountain.

Azusa Ono as The Dancer of Recand Echoes dances

Bernardo Devlin as Henry Fortune The Lucky Horse

Julia Bardsley as A Beam of Light

Concept, music, text : Andrew Poppy

Video projections and staging: Julia Bardsley

mixed by Paul Humphreys

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