composer/musician/ZTT artist



Margaret Cameron: mezzo soprano

Roger Heaton: clarinet/bass clarinet

Andrew Poppy: keyboard/percussion/samples

BiTtEr+TwIsTeD rEcOrDs & PrOdUcTiOnS

(95) Impetus Records CD19426

1    Do you doubt

2    So please you something touching

3    First interlude

4    I have been so affrighted

5    Second interlude

6    How does your honour

7    Third interlude

8    I think nothing

9    Forth interlude

10   Where is the beauteous

11   Fifth interlude

12   Let's have no words of this

13   Sixth interlude

14   I hope all will be well

15   Seventh interlude

16   It is the false steward

17   Eight interlude

18   Will not come again

19   Epilogue: 273 places of rest

                                                          Ophelia drowns

an opera for one voice against itself and for

an indeterminate number of mute characters. Based on the text of a character of Shakespeare's.

new digital edition coming soon on bandcamp