composer/musician/ZTT artist

a n d r e w   p o p p y


Shows with optional electronics & keyboards


Matters of Theory

Animal Behaviour and Crude Din

The Amusement

45 is

Poems and Toccatas No5

Movie Momento

My Stress Mistress

Sonata no 4

Hex Track X

This Island

Song Tide (interrupted)


Solo performances in London, Lisbon, Dusseldorf, Porto, Turin......


info and tech spec for club or concert performances:

Review by Lorenzo Giannetti for Outsiders

Performance at "VIAGGIO ALLA FINE DEI GIORN  27 Sept 2014 at Teatro Collossoe, Turin, Italy

“Andrew Poppy is a veteran English avant-garde artist, - a recent discovery for me:  a character quite sheltered, off the radar of much of contemporary criticism, he is one of the interesting outsiders presented by this festival – the intersections of different acts animating September’s musical experience. With a stage presence and attitude that recall both the seraphic Battiato or the histrionic David Byrne, Poppy moves between the shaft of the microphone at centre stage, the pc and the piano slightly set back. At the piano Poppy juggles a recurring matrix of Cageian melody and Philip Glass forms. The long piano sonatas interleave with the almost spoken word pieces at the microphone. He addresses the audience on a carpet of minimal electronics. This alternating is bipolar both calculated and theatrical and marked by moments of surreal comedy. Its quite sui generis .”